Dear users!

Should you have music on in your restaurant, disco, spa resort, hotel, shopping mall and/or recreational center, this section is specifically for you. You are none other than a User.

Pursuant to to the Kazakh Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law, Art. 39, royalty fees shall at all times be payable to the holders of neighboring rights for any use of phonograms published for business purposes, if such phonograms:

  1. are performed in public;
  2. broadcast over the radio or on TV;
  3. communicated to the general public by cable, wire, optical fiber or similar.

This said, Users that are bound in accordance with the applicable laws to pay royalty fees, may be grouped into the following categories:

  1. Public catering establishments, restaurants, clubs, recreational centers (facilities), leisure services providers, and passenger transportation companies, spa resorts, holiday centers, recreation and retreat centers, trade and public catering outlets and community services, hotels, parks, gardens, and other public spaces where they are publicly performed;
  2. Broadcasting companies airing such phonograms.
  3. Cable operators communicating such phonograms to the general public by cable, wire, or optical fiber.

For the Regulations on the Lowest Royalty Fees Due to Phonogram Producers and Performers for any Public Performance, Broadcasting and Communication by Cable of Phonograms Published for Business Purposes, please see here.

To make a royalty payment contract please contact the headquarters of   “Performers of Kazakh Songs” RPA, or our representative offices.