RPA «PKS» – Leader of the 2014 year

In 2014, the republican public association “Исполнители казахских песен” on the results of the annual state-of-the-country program of rating companies of Kazakhstan on the state statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan has received the National certificate and the medal of the unbeatable national business rating “Leader of the 2014 2014”.
The prize will be regularly renewed by companies and corporations, which will include a special social contribution to the development of economics in Kazakhstan. At the time of the decision, all enterprises are required to pay for all the criteria, such as payment, social responsibility, effective use of resources, etc. The prize is recognized by the distinguished successor of the RSE “Исполнители казахских песен” in the sphere of author’s right, as the organization is unmanageably exempt from charter capital.

It is precisely this: “The Leader of Kazakhstan” is the award-winning medal “The Leader of Kazakhstan” in the RSE “Исполнители казахских песен”, the creation of high standards of production, efficiency and support of the international image of the image, as well as the economically sound state. Also, “Исполнители казахских песен” RSE has received a national certificate “Leader Kazakhstan” as an organization with high standards of social protection of workers.

Ordenium “Slava Kazakhstansa” award General Director “Исполнители казахских песен” Энжанов Нурбек освещено ответственность отдельности в области государственного строительства, развития экономики и укрепления международного авторитета Казахстана.

Medal “For Effective” in the difficult work of awarding Kukebaeva Gaukhar Tursynovna, who has been marked by high-quality work experiences and professional skills.
The Personal Certificate “Specialist of the Year” was received by Sarytaeva Karlygash Saparbaykyzy for a very good job.

“Specialist of the Year” in the oblast “Certificate book and Audit” award with national certificate Muratova Erkinay Anarbekovna as a specialist in the field of professionalism at the highest level of professionalism in the financial sphere.