Dear Performers and Producers of Phonograms!

Are you a phonogram performer or producer? If so, you are a holder of neighboring rights to such phonograms i.e. Copyright Owner.

Pursuant to the Kazakh Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law, Art. 39, any user may, without the consent of the phonogram producers or performer, use their phonograms by:

  • performing them in public;
  • broadcasting the same;
  • communicating them to general public by cable.

However, if such phonograms are used for business purposes, the User shall pay, and the Copyright Owner shall have the right to receive a royalty fee due to him/her.

From April 16, 2010, “Performers of Kazakh Songs” Republican Public Association is an entity accredited to collect royalty fees to the benefit of phonogram performers from the Users of such phonograms i.e. radio stations, restaurants, dance clubs, shopping malls, or other users.

Should you be interested in the representation and defense of your interests and receipt of royalty fees due to you as a result of use of your phonograms or renditions both in and outside of Kazakhstan, we invite you to come to the offices of “Performers of Kazakh Songs” RPA to make a contract.

Dear Copyright Owners, please remember that you can only get your royalty fees by making a contract to such effect with an accredited entity engaged in royalty collection to the benefit of performers and phonongram producers.