Musical taste is something indefinite. No one can condemn you for listening to “Hands Up” or calling an old man for adoring Soviet military songs.

But why do our compatriots enjoy dancing at Kazakh hits at weddings and never turn them on in a car?

It is time to admit to myself that there are among the Kazakh songs worthy of their listeners. And today, our invited author Zhanna Asanova shares a list of artists that we have not yet appreciated.

The Konyr group.

Respectful, persistent, calm. Rich velvet color, unplayed style, delicate taste and fantastically flawlessly selected repertoire, as well as a certain aura of mystery, that’s what distinguishes these guys from the rest.



Gaukhar Alimbekova

Each of her songs is a depth, a reflection of many things in our life, which we sometimes do not even think about.

Subtle and sensual melodies on the guitar, modern tunes fused with folk traditions, as if expose our emotions and feelings, which we began to forget a little in a furious urban rhythm.

Listening to them, you seem to dissolve into them, again and again reliving a bit of life in each song together with Gauhar.


Zattybek Kopbosynyly

It is usually spoken little. Or rather, do not say at all. Many do not even know what he looks like. But his songs are familiar to everyone.

There is not a single Kazakh family that would not have heard Zattybek’s songs, be it a wedding or a neighbor’s car.

All traditional toi and holiday rituals are usually held under the fiery motifs of Zattybek’s songs. culture, his songs are the background of the life of ordinary people. And he has universal love. Probably because it is simple and uncomplicated. He is just ours, his own.


Akylbek Zhemeney

“Kyzyl Orik”, “Sary Alma”, and it seems like everything))). But these are such songs!

What the cheerful song “Kyzyl Orik” just did not survive. When she just started spinning at weddings, representatives of the Kazakh kind Kyzylborіk (representatives Uly zhuz) quickly assigned her, making her cult song.

Then it turned out that we are talking about the Red Apricot, which the Қyzylborіkter was a little offended and resisted for a long time, because by that time there were many different stories about the song being commissioned by the elders of this ancient family)).

And if the jokes aside – a cheerful song “Kyzyl Orік”, forever settled in every corner of our Motherland, and continuing to delight with its sparkling gaiety – this is Akylbek Zhemeney.


Sayat Medeuov

Modest and balanced, his melodious voice with colorful folk timbres won the love of many Kazakhstanis.

He makes the hearts of daughters’ parents cry, dragging down a sad song about a thin maiden share.

His melodious songs about the Motherland cause a slight sadness among those who left their native lands.

His dombra sketches under Koksholak, so that the hunt will start dancing. He is truly a people’s favorite, he does not need PR, and so all the remote places of Kazakhstan listen to him.


The Magic of Nomads.

Well, I can not say a few words about my favorite band The Magic of Nomads.

Apparently, I missed the moment of the peak of fame of this team and remained in the dark about their work, until one day I received a gift from my good friend and mentor Yerlan Stambekov – the Bulbul Zaman CD. And since then I have become a loyal fan of these incredibly talented people, the disc has become my favorite, it is especially cool to listen to him when you go on a deserted track – this is something!

The group consists of famous Kazakhstani musicians, each of whom is a bright individuality: Gaziz Gabdrakhimova, Renat Gaisin, Viktor Khomenkov, Edil Khusainov, Ermek Diyarov, Salimgerey Sadykov. In this lineup, The Magic of Nomads applauded the best halls of New York, London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich.

For the first time in the history of national culture, a music band from Kazakhstan recorded the album Bulbul Zaman at one of the best studios in the world Abbey Road in London (the same studio where the world famous legendary band The Beatles was recorded).

It seems to be a venerable band, and music is a terrific rumor, but not so much has been said about it lately, they are known only in the circles of connoisseurs of real music, and young people even have no idea about it.

But the instrumental music performed by this group is the background of many Kazakhstan programs, for example, the Gakku music channel often rotates an excerpt of the same composition.

And the most remarkable, on The Magic of Nomads website, you can get acquainted with all types of Kazakh folk musical instruments, as well as hear live sound, each instrument separately, as if you touched them yourself.

Try it!

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